Cosma S.p.A. - Quality and workmanship

and processes


The source from which the object arise with its shape and its characteristics. First and fundamental working process, used by Cosma to transform ideas and design into a manufacturable product.
As the Earth shapes and limits all of our surroundings, the matrixes regulate dimensions and shapes of all Cosma products.

die casting

Process of high pressure injection of fuse metal into the die, made to create raw forms to be shaped through the use of technology or handcrafted process.
Fire that transforms and changes the elements that are encountered.


Production of metal objects using tools and cutters to give to the finished product the desired appearance and shape.
Cosma's workshops combine CNC milling, shearing and cutting processes to create customized products.


Roughness elimination from an object, as water, rain and wind erode and round all the materials encountered.
The smoothing process that Cosma carries out eliminates the useless material surplus of the surfaces, enhancing products' shapes and design.

technological vanguard

The system is organized and encoded to achieve the desired result by applying science, information technology and automation to production processes.
Technology is placed at the disposal of production, to which Cosma adds all the craftsmanship experience it has accumulated over the course of 60 years of development in the field.

precious finishes

Surface treatments are applied to a variety of materials to achieve the desired appearance and structure.
Painting, electroplating and anodization are the surface's finishing processes Cosma applies to its products to enhance them to full effect.