Cosma - Design and construction of handles and accessories since 1990


COSMA (Citterio Onorato Specialità Maniglie e Affini) was established in 1955 in the heart of the manufacturing district of Brianza, in the Italian region of Lombardy, on the initiative of its founder Citterio Onorato. The company soon became specialized in the production of hardware parts. Thanks to the drive from the next generation, a quick expansion followed and the company began to design and produce handles for the furniture sector and market its products abroad.
From 1990 onwards, the company’s production gradually evolved from the die casting of brass to zinkral, a more malleable zinc alloy.


italian exellence

The high specialization and the deep knowledge of the furniture industry that Cosma has, are assets shared with customers to create custom projects. Cosma becomes a creation lab for exclusive products with incomparable qualities, a confidential service for clients in the world that choose to be distinguished by a cooperation with the ideal partner for their projects.

made in italy

in the world

production units

Nowadays, Cosma can boast cutting edge production plants for creating and finishing its handles and accessories in zinkral, aluminium and stainless steel. For a better organization the working processes are carried out in 2 production plants: the Head Office of Cassago Brianza (Lecco) where die-casting, production and finishes of Zinkral take place and the other factory of Colonnella (Teramo) where Cosma realizes the stainless steel and aluminum working processes. Cosma, at designers service, at producers service.

central unit - cassago brianza (lc)
production unit - colonnella (te)

go green

Quality control for process and product alike is guaranteed by internal QUALITY TUTOR management procedures. All the production phases are monitored at all times and implemented to ensure the requested standards are maintained.

100% use of rainwater for industrial purposes.

Use of water-based paints without polluting solvent emissions and 100% energy got from renewable sources.

100% recycling